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Full digital signal processing.

Full Audio sound.

Full of creative possibilities.

TX1010 ditial transmitter & DX1010 digital receiver
Audio 1010 digital logo

The new standard

in professional

digital wireless systems.


Black anodised cases machined from solid
high grade aluminium. High definition OLED displays.

Inside, 100MHz switching bandwidth – more than enough to deliver flexibility while maximising
battery use. An unrivalled 2mS end-to-end delay.

And up to 20 systems operated together
in one TV channel.

TX1010 ditial transmitter & DX1010 digital receiver close up

The DX receiver.

True diversity
and true versatility.


A true diversity receiver with analogue
and AES digital outputs that’s SuperSlot™ compatible and features full encryption.

And an OLED display which pivots
so that it can still be seen when
the unit is lying flat or is in a bag.

DX1010 digital receiver featuring revolving OLED

Compact digital transmitter
with built-in SD card.

The TX transmitter uses two AA batteries housed
in an all-metal, hinged lockable compartment.

It has switchable output power.

And a built-in SD card reader which
can be used to update the system’s firmware.

Menu driven set up. Monitoring by app.

Both transmitter and receiver have maximum clarity OLED menu driven select and click displays
that make set-up and operation very simple. Brightness can be reduced or the screens can be turned
off entirely (as can all the LEDs). And there’s a free downloadable app which will control the main functions on the transmitter from your phone or iPad and monitor battery levels.



The 1010 system will be available in September 2015.
You can get more information about it by e-mailing:


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