.SwitchiR controller

SwitchiR. The key to control

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Keyfob sized control

The SwitchiR is so small and handy it even comes attached to a keyring. It is a tiny 60x30x12mm and weighs just 30g including battery (but not including keys).

Simple to operate

With just four buttons, an LCD display and a simple menu system you can control all the user settable functions for the RMS2040 range of transmitters, including Off/On, frequency check and change, user identities and battery status.

View the 3D product demo

Find out just how easy it is to check and change frequencies, check battery levels, switch receivers on/off. View the product from every angle and much more in our innovative interactive demo. View the SwitchiR model here.

SwitchiR specifications

Size 60 (l) x 30 (w) x 12 (max d) mm
Weight 30g inc battery
Battery 6V (PX28L or equivalent)

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