1010 Digital

100% Digital. Superb Audio and RF Performance. Full of creative possibilities.

The 1010 Digital wireless system sets a new standard for professional wireless microphone performance. With its all-digital RF transmission the 1010 Digital system delivers the superior sound quality and rugged reliability that Audio is known. The 1010 transmitter can be tuned over a 100 MHz bandwidth in 25 kHz increments to meet the requirements of high-track-count applications in RF-rich environments. The DDX1010 Receiver is a universal wide-band receiver, able to tune the entire system range.

Using our proprietary digital modulation scheme up to 20 systems can be operated together in a single TV channel without compromising on range. It offers unrivaled end-to-end delay of just 2 mS.

DX Display

Easy, Menu-Driven Set Up. Plus External Bluetooth Control

Transmitters and receivers have maximum clarity OLED menu-driven select-and-click displays that make set-up and operation simple. Brightness can be reduced or the screens can be turned off entirely (as can all the LEDs). There’s even a free downloadable app to control the main transmitter functions and monitor battery levels from an iPhone or iPad.

Rugged build. Ergonomic design.

The units have black anodized cases machined from solid, high grade aluminum. The rounded corners and recessed buttons on the TX1010 transmitter make it discreet and comfortable to wear. The DX1010 receiver, with its pivoting OLED display and easy to see controls, is designed to be accessible at all times – even when it’s lying flat or is in a bag.

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