System Comparison - A10 Digital Wireless to RMS 1010 Digital System

In 2015 Audio Ltd. presented the RMS 1010 Digital Wireless Microphone system. The 1010 system is the foundation on which the A10 Digital Wireless System is built.

Beginning early 2016, numerous 1010 systems were put to use in the field by customers for test and evaluation. This real-world experience was invaluable in shaping the A10 system. While the chassis of the A10 system is very similar to the 1010, the A10 system is a thoroughly new system. The RF, audio circuitry, and software in both the A10-TX transmitter and A10-RX receiver have been substantially redesigned and refined.

Please note: The 1010 Digital system is discontinued, replaced by the A10 Digital Wireless System. TX1010 transmitters are fully compatible with the A10-RX receiver.

The tables below shows the similarities and differences between the 1010 system components and the A10 Digital system components.


A10-TX TX-1010
new, lower-noise unbalanced lavalier input on LEMO-3 unbalanced, lavalier input on LEMO-3
low-noise, balanced mic preamp no balanced input
balanced line-level input attenuated cable required
12 V or 48 V phantom power 5 V bias only
time-of-day clock No
timecode maintained during battery changes no timecode
high-accuracy timecode generator no timecode
timecode output on LEMO-3 no timecode
recorder-only mode records and transmits
timecode-only mode no timecode


A10-RX DX1010
Two channels Single channel
Four complete RF receivers Two complete RF receivers
224 MHz switching bandwidth 100 MHz switching bandwidth
AES stereo (two channel) AES mono
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