Audio Limited A10 Digital Wireless Microphone System Now Shipping

All-digital A10 system offers exceptional audio quality, wideband tuning flexibility, and effortless operation for sound professionals

A10-TX transmitter
A10-TX Transmitter and ABOOM accessory with A10 Remote App

LONDON, 22 JANUARY 2018 – Audio Limited, UK’s premier wireless microphone manufacturer, is pleased to announce that the A10 Digital Wireless Microphone System is now shipping*. This new all-digital wireless system consists of the A10-TX Digital Bodypack Transmitter and the portable A10-RX Digital Two-Channel True Diversity Receiver, designed for a wide range of production applications.

"We’re thrilled to get the A10 system into the hands of our users," says Kishore Patel, Managing Director of Audio Ltd. "Our new all-digital A10 wireless receivers and transmitters offer broadcast quality audio, reliable digital RF performance, and universal multi-system setup in the RF-hostile, multi-channel production environments in which our users reside."

The A10 Digital Wireless System operates in the 470 MHz to 694 MHz UHF band (frequency ranges are country-dependent). Up to twenty A10 Digital Wireless Systems can simultaneously operate in a single 8 MHz TV channel without compromising RF range, audio quality, or latency due to its spectrally efficient digital modulation.

A10-RX Receiver & A10-TX Transmitter

The A10-TX Transmitter uniquely offers a low-noise, high performance preamplifier with its 3-pin LEMO input that accepts balanced or unbalanced microphones, line-level signals, and provides 48V or 12V phantom power. The transmitter also features an excellent analogue limiter and analogue low-cut filters. With its integrated digital audio recorder and timecode generator, the A10-TX transmitter records timecode-stamped audio to removable microSD cards. External timecode can be jam-synced to the A10-TX through the LEMO input connector, and the A10 will maintain timecode even during battery changes. Three A10-TX models are available: the A10-TX-A (470-548 MHz), A10-TX-B (518-608 MHz), and A10-TX-C (594-694 MHz). Two additional models, the A10-TX-AU (470-548 MHz) and A10-TX-BU (518-608 MHz), are designed specifically for the U.S. market. They offer features and frequencies specific to the U.S.

The free A10 Remote App offers remote control of the A10-TX transmitter from an iOS or Android device. Key functions, including input gain, transmitter power, low cut filter, start/stop record, and transmitter frequency can be remotely controlled over Bluetooth Smart connection.

The A10-RX Two-Channel True Diversity Receiver is available in either a Superslot™ version with DB-25 connector (A10-RX-SL) or with hard-wired XLR and power connectors (A10-RX-XLR). Both A10-RX receivers tune across the full 224 MHz (470 to 694 MHz) bandwidth, meaning the A10-RX receiver can be used with any A10-TX transmitter.

The A10-RX has four complete digital receiver circuits, two used on each channel. Like other true diversity systems, Audio Limited’s proprietary Advanced Digital Diversity System (ADDS) selects the receiver circuit with the best RF signal. ADDS goes further by combining bitstreams from each receiver circuit simultaneously to assemble error-free digital audio from two weaker RF signals, while increasing both drop-out free reception and reliability of the RF link in challenging environments.

The Audio Ltd. A10 Digital Wireless System can be purchased from Authorized Distributors.

Audio Ltd. was founded in 1963 as a manufacturer of radio microphone systems for the film and television markets. The UK based company has designed products used on iconic Oscar-winning films including Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan, and Game of Thrones. Audio Ltd. has earned a reputation in the entertainment and broadcast industries for designing and manufacturing professional wireless microphone systems of the highest audio quality, RF range, and reliability.

*A10 models in the US will be available soon.

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