Audio Limited to Offer Recording Feature on U.S. A10-TX Wireless Transmitters

WATFORD, U.K., 2 JULY, 2018 – Audio Ltd. announces the introduction of a powerful new recording feature for A10-TX Digital Wireless transmitters sold in the U.S. market. Available on 9 July, 2018, firmware revision 2.0 brings built-in recording from balanced microphone and line-level inputs to the A10-TX.

“The built-in recorder and timecode generator in the A10 transmitter have been great tools for our users. Up until now U.S. customers have not been able to take advantage of these features,” says Kishore Patel, managing director of Audio Ltd. He adds, “Version 2.0 brings recording to U.S. market A10-TX transmitters for boom microphones and other balanced microphone and line-level sources. In these applications, the A10 is not worn by the actor or presenter.”


The A10 Digital Wireless System includes two components, the A10-TX transmitter and A10-RX two-channel receiver. The A10 U.S. system operates in UHF frequencies, from 470 to 608 MHz (470 to 694 MHz internationally). Up to 15 systems can operate simultaneously in a U.S. television channel. The system is fully digital– microphone signals are converted to digital at the transmitter and remain digital all the way through to the receiver’s output. A digital system offers superb full-bandwidth, full-dynamic-range audio without the audible artifacts associated with analog RF links.

The A10-TX transmitter offers a universal audio input accepting two-wire lavalier microphones, balanced microphones (selectable 12V or 48V phantom power), and balanced line-level signals. It includes an integrated digital recorder with a precision timecode generator (recording not available with lavalier microphones in U.S. market transmitters), and it records and transmits simultaneously. An internal microSD card in the transmitter stores audio data in proprietary .mic format. The free Mic-to-WAV utility for Mac OS and Windows converts .mic files into industry-standard broadcast WAV files with timecode.

On location shot of the A10-TX digital transmitter with A-BOOM accessory.
Photo credit: Quartal Studio

The wideband two-channel A10-RX is the companion receiver for the A10-TX. The A10-RX is available in either a slot mount A10-RX-SL or cabled A10-RX-XLR model.

More information on new features with 2.0 firmware, such as frequency scanning with the Sound Devices 688 mixer/recorder and SL-6 powering and wireless accessory will be available on 9 July, 2018.

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