RK3 Rack

RK3 Portable Rack System

Rugged, practical construction

Designed specifically for field use, the RK3 is a compact, portable rack into which you can plug up to 3 DX2040 receivers. It includes a built-in distribution amplifier to allow all three receivers to be fed from one set of antennae. All receiver indicators are visible through perspex lenses on the top panel.

8-18v DC powered

The RK3 is externally powered via a 4-pin Hirose socket. An auxiliary 4-pin Hirose socket allows other equipment to be powered via the rack.


RF outputs allow connection of a second RK3 or fourth DX2040 receiver. Brackets and cable accessories to link two RK3 racks are available.

RK3 Specifications

Frequency range 470 - 1000MHz
Number of DX2040 receiver slots 3
Active distribution amplifier bandwidth 24MHz typical
External powering 8 – 18V DC
Antenna 2 x SMA RF
Outputs 2 x SMA
Audio outputs 3 x 3 pin XLR male
Size 262 (l) x 138 (h) x 39mm (w)
Weight 1000g
Power input 2 x 4 pin Hirose sockets
Other features Reverse power protection

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