RK6 Portable Rack

Built for location work

Because the RK6 is intended for use on location, it has been constructed with an 2U all metal frame which makes the unit rugged and reliable. Up to six DX2040 receivers can be plugged into the RK6 and the active distribution amplifier allows all receivers to be fed from one set of antennae.

Easy set up. Precise monitoring

The built-in OLED display shows RF level, audio level, TX battery status and headphone monitoring and receivers are configured using a simple menu system on the same panel. All transmitters can be synchronized direct from the front panel using infra-red.


External DC powering 10 – 18V DC

Other features

Other features include auxiliary RF outputs to allow inter-connection to additional RK6 or RK3 units; balanced XLR outputs; phase change switches; auxiliary unbalanced audio outputs and a standard USB connection for firmware updates via a laptop or PC.

RK6 Specifications

Frequency range 470 - 870MHz
Number of DX2040 receiver slots 6
Active distribution amplifier bandwidth 24MHz typical (larger bandwidth available)
External powering 10 – 18V DC (2A max @ 12V)
External supply input 4 pin XLR male
Antenna inputs 2 x BNC 50Ω
Masthead amplifier supply 8V DC Max current @ 8V 100mA
Aux RF outputs 2 x BNC 50Ω
Audio outputs 6 x 3pin XLR male
Phase Change 6 x slide switch (+0 deg, -180 deg)
Aux audio outputs 9 pin D-type unbalanced
Headphone output 1/4 inch stereo (wired as mono) 30 mW at 32Ω, adjustable
OLED Display RF level, diversity switching, audio level, TX battery status, headphone select, frequency
Infra-red button on front panel Synchronise TX
USB USB type A for remote monitoring and control and firmware updates
Size 179mm (l) x 88mm (h) x 346mm (w)
Weight 2.8kg (without receivers)

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