The DX true diversity receiver

Compact. Powerful. Totally reliable.

The power of true diversity

The DX is the world’s smallest battery powered true diversity receiver which makes it ideal for documentary or ENG work. It is equipped with two antennae, each connected to its own receiver inside the unit. The DX automatically switches between the two receivers ensuring the strongest signal is always captured. That means you will experience no break up of sound (drop-outs) even in built-up areas where signals bouncing off walls and metal objects (reflections) can cause cancellations.

What is 'true diversity'?

Some manufacturers offer ‘diversity receivers’ with two antennae connected to only a single receiver. Signal switching
takes place between the antennae (at rf level) which means there is often an audible ‘click’ on the recorded sound as
the signal being delivered to the receiver is momentarily interrupted during switching. With the true diversity DX,
that problem doesn’t happen since switching takes place between the two receivers at the audio frequency level with
no interruption of signal.

External powering

The DX receiver can be externally powered from 6 – 18V DC allowing it to be camera mounted or placed in the mixer bag and powered from a single external source.

Easy Setup

Easy setup menus

This unit is set up using a series of menus which are viewed in the OLED display. You are guided through the set up by a series of easy-to-read symbols and all parameters are selected using three buttons on the unit’s front panel. It’s so straightforward you won’t need any further written instructions from us.


OLED menu driven displays

This unit has an organic light emitting diode (OLED) display which is extremely clear yet consumes very little power. The screen shows all the important information you need to monitor the system when in use and also displays the En2’s unique easy set-up menu.


Frequency scan function

In an increasingly crowded environment, you need to be able to select usable frequencies on location quickly. So, all receivers in the En2 range have a built-in scan facility which allows you to scan for a free channel or scan for the transmitter. In addition, on this unit, selecting ‘tune’ mode brings up a spectrum analyser type display which allows you to see the RF in the local environment.

DX Specifications

Frequency range 470 - 960MHz (specify at time of order)
Switching bandwidth Up to 40MHz in 25kHz steps
Number of audio channels 1
Receiver type True-diversity
Number of frequency tables Up to 10
Number of factory pre-set frequencies 32 in each table
Number of user selectable frequencies 32 in each table (selectable in 25kHz steps)
Scan Modes Scan for free channel
Scan for transmitter
Table scan with spectrum analyser display in 200kHz steps
Modulation Mode Wideband FM
Frequency stability ±0.002%
Sensitivity -96dBm (2.8uV) for >40dB SINAD
Image rejection > 80dB
Audio frequency response 50 – 18kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio >100dB (±45kHz deviation)
Total harmonic distortion <0.3% typ.
Audio output voltage 0dBV typ. (±45kHz deviation, 1kHz)
Audio output attenuator 0dB, -12dB, -24dB, -36dB (selectable)
Monitor/headphone output 30mW at 32?, adjustable
Output connector Binder 7 pin screw-locking
Display OLED blue, 128x32 pixels
Control 3 button navigation switch
Battery type 1 x 1.5V Alkaline LR6 AA size
Battery life 2 to 3 hrs depending on battery type
Audio Ltd recommend use of NiMh
External supply voltage 6 - 18V DC (150mA @ 12V)
Operating temperature range -20°C to +55°C
Weight 118 grams
Dimensions 63mm (W) x 82mm (H) x 20mm (D)
Optional Accessories Flexible clear antennae straight
Flexible clear antennae right-angle
Output cable 7 pin locking Binder with two XLR male connectors
External Powering Output cable with 4-pin
Hirose and two XLR connectors
Monitor/Headphone output cable
Other output cable types available on request
Camera Mount with hot-shoe attachment
Neoprene Pouch

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