The CX2-S Slot-in Receiver

Designed for Sony cameras

Total flexibility anywhere in the world

The CX2-S is a twin channel, true diversity receiver that fits neatly into most professional Sony slot in cameras. It is equipped with two true diversity receivers which can be linked to separate transmitters with a seven pin binder connector allowing either one or both channels to be fed from the head of the receiver. The CX2-S is ideal for ENG crews and documentary makers who frequently find themselves working in different locations around the world. It features a large 80MHz switching bandwidth and up to 10 different frequency tables can be preset in the unit giving it enormous flexibility. In addition, within each table, individual frequencies can be manually selected using the OLED menu displays. It is also equipped with a digitally controlled tracking filter that automatically tracks the chosen frequency table and allows greater selectivity for the frequency table being used.


The CX2-S draws its power from the camera itself. Separate batteries are not required.

Easy Setup

Easy setup menus

This unit is set up using a series of menus which are viewed in the OLED display. You are guided through the set up by a series of easy-to-read symbols and all parameters are selected using three buttons on the unit’s front panel. It’s so straightforward you won’t need any further written instructions from us.


OLED menu driven displays

This unit has an organic light emitting diode (OLED) display which is extremely clear yet consumes very little power. The screen shows all the important information you need to monitor the system when in use and also displays the En2’s unique easy set-up menu.


Frequency scan function

In an increasingly crowded environment, you need to be able to select usable frequencies on location quickly. So, all receivers in the En2 range have a built-in scan facility which allows you to scan for a free channel or scan for the transmitter. In addition, on this unit, selecting ‘tune’ mode brings up a spectrum analyser type display which allows you to see the RF in the local environment.

CX2-S Specifications

Frequency range 470 - 865MHz (specify at time of order)
Switching bandwidth Up to 100MHz in 25kHz steps
Number of audio channels 2 (can be operated individually if required)
Receiver type True-diversity
Tracking filters Front end digitally controlled tracking filters
Number of frequency tables Up to 10
Number of factory pre-set frequencies 32 in each table
Number of user selectable frequencies 32 in each table (selectable in 25kHz steps)
Scan Modes Scan for free channel
Scan for transmitter
Table scan with spectrum analyser display in 'Tune' mode
Modulation Mode Wideband FM
Frequency stability ±0.002%
Sensitivty -96dBm (3.5uV) for >40dB SINAD
Image rejection > 80dB
Audio frequency response 50 – 18kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio >100dB (±45kHz deviation)
Total harmonic distortion <0.3% typ.
Audio output voltage 0dBV typ. (±45kHz deviation, 1kHz)
Audio output attenuator 0dB, -12dB, -24dB, -36dB (selectable)
LF cut user selectable 5 settings; flat, 50Hz, 80Hz, 120Hz, 200Hz
Output connector 15 pin D-type (unbalanced output only on Ch 1)
7 pin screw-locking Binder (balanced outputs on both channels)
Display OLED blue, 128x32 pixels
Control 3 button navigation (left, right and select)
External supply voltage 6 - 18V DC (150mA @ 12V)
Operating temperature range -20°C to +55°C
Weight 170 grams
Dimensions 67mm (W) x 119mm (H) x 18mm (D)
Optional Accessories Flexible clear antennae (straight)
Flexible clear antennae (right-angle)
Output cable (7 pin locking Binder with two XLR male connectors)

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