IBC 2016 – Kishore Patel Talks to IPS TV about the 1010 Twin Diversity Receiver

The IPS’s Simon Bishop visited the Audio stand at this year’s IBC exhibition where he spoke to managing director, Kishore Patel about the new 1010 rack and the forthcoming 1010 twin diversity digital receiver.

Talking first about the rack, Kishore said:

“We have a 1U rack that takes up to four receivers in the slots and it’s ready for the dual channel receivers when they arrive. It has two antennae inputs for the active antenna distribution and two auxiliary RF outputs – so two racks can be cascaded together. The other optional feature that we are building into the rack is Dante – it will be Dante ready.”

IBC2016 Kish Patel
IBC2016 Rack

Also on show was the smaller RFDA rack:

“We’ve had the portable RFDA rack for a while now,” said Kishore, “but we now have a new plate which will take the standalone 1010 receiver and there’s also a plate in the back which will allow connection of the 25 pin D-type connector”.

IBC2016 Small Rack

Simon also asked about the new twin receiver to which Kishore replied:

“We are working hard on it. The challenge has been to fit the electronics into the same housing [as the existing 1010 receiver]. We didn’t want the size of the product to grow because people want smaller and lighter. But it’s all achievable.”

Asked about availability, Kishore said:

“The rack will be available before the end of this year. The twin, maybe in the first quarter of next year. We’re not far away but we need to do more testing.”

The full video report is available here.

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