Why Digital?

Wireless microphone systems are essential tools for production sound. The expectation that every actor on a set or production have their own microphone means that more wireless systems are in simultaneous use than ever, and in increasingly complex setups. While Audio Limited wireless systems such as the En2 and 2040 are great performers, and highly regarded by the professional audio community, the ever-changing landscape of spectrum allocation and regulation means that their FM analogue technology is starting to be a limitation.

Well-engineered digital wireless systems bring many advantages, including ways to address many of the spectral limitations of analogue FM wireless. These digital systems continue to make wireless as relevant and usable as ever. In addition to the spectral efficiency offered by a digital RF system, digital system improve RF range for a given transmitting power, improve audio quality with no analogue noise or companding artifacts, and give the option of secure wireless audio transmission using end-to-end encryption.

In 2005 Audio Limited, with our decades of experience in RF design and knowledge, started preliminary engineering work on a digital wireless system. The technology that resulted from that laboratory work is manifest in the A10 Digital Wireless System.

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